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Giá bán: Liên hệ

  • Three detection zones as standard
  • Configurable detection delays
  • Compatable with I.S barriers
  • Configurable first stage sounder delays
  • Zero time delay upon manual release option
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining until release
  • Supports upto seven, four wire status indicators
  • Built in Extract Fan control

    Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment and with European EN12094-1 approvals, the extinguishant releasing panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small and medium fixed firefighting installations.

    With three detection zones as standard, extinguishant release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) any two from three type activations such as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications.

    The extensive configuration options of the panel allow the functionality of the system to be extensively modified while still complying with the requirements of the controlling standard for the equipment (EN12094-01)

    The panel contains a large LED display to enable easy configuration and control which also displays the time remaining until extinguishant release for added user safety. The countdown timer is duplicated on up to seven remote status units to provide local indication of the extinguishant system status.

    With all of the electronics mounted on a single, easily removable, steel plate panels are both robust and easy to install.